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We can assist you with the collection, transportation and disposal of all your chemical and dangerous goods. Call our team of specialists today for a free quote on the services we provide.

Within the substance and dangerous goods segment, the focus is really on the protection and safe delivery of your products from A to B.

Our longstanding packaging know-how, coupled with our close cooperation with the important players in this market, provides the reliability and protection that you might want.
Our packaging options for the substance and dangerous goods segment contain:

Octabins for the transportation of bulky goods
Protective packs for the transportation of compounds
In shop displays for non industrial substances

Corrugated packaging for the chemical industry requires several different types. Yet, it is vital that packs are sturdy and safe to handle. Whilst printing must be clear and impactful, particularly for warnings and other security information. Traceability is yet another important issue. As such, we integrate RFID into corrugated packs facilitates tracking and inventory management.

Industrial Packaging
Industrial packaging provides protection during each stage of fabrication such as storage and transportation of spare parts, semi-finished and finished products.
about our Industrial Packaging offering Octabin

Our Octabin Intermediate Bulk Containers provide a cost effective packing option as an alternative to despatching your products in sacks or smaller containers. Modular Screens & Pallet Boxes
At the point of sale, large and delicate decorative elements are mounted. The modular Chep palettes, permit the display’s size to be enlarged at any time.

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