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Kimberley is located 6 miles north-west of Nottingham. During the nineteenth century, it thrived as a center for the mining, brewing, and hosiery industries. It is presently a bustling neighborhood with a variety of stores, local companies, cafes, and pubs. This beautiful town which lies on the A610 used to be a centre for coal mining, brewing and hosiery manufacturing. A wide range of retailers line Main Street, and James Street’s Victorian Shopping Area (complete with cobblestone street) offers a more conventional shopping experience packed with high street stores. All in all, Kimberley Town Centre offers a diverse selection of companies and retail options, including a supermarket and a small commercial center.

These businesses, though they are instrumental in the development of this town, they generate a lot of waste. And, as per government rules and regulations, businesses are required by law to have their waste management done by a reputable waste management company. Waste Nottingham provides businesses and organisations in the region with cost-effective waste management services. Please give us a call on 0115 882 1270 or fill in the form to reach out to us, and we will return to you within an hour with an obligation free quote. We meet all of the legal requirements set down by the United Kingdom government, and we provide duty of care notes FREE of charge once a year as part of our standard service. We’re experts in the field of commercial waste management. We can provide a variety of commercial waste collection and recycling services that are tailored to your company’s needs at a price that fits your budget.

Commercial Waste Collection Kimberly

We can ensure that all of your waste is collected responsibly and sensibly with our commercial waste collection services. Call our team today for a free quote on the services we provide. In the field of commercial waste collection, we have a wealth of experience and an unrivaled reputation. We provide an immediate response across the country, as well as a private and professional service for all assignments of any size. All paperwork required for waste collection and disposal is provided in accordance with current waste legislation. This is also available through our online customer management service. Nottingham Waste can provide low-cost waste collection as well as free waste bins for all types of waste management services. Our drivers will collect your waste, and we will handle all of the hard lifting because we have the personnel.

Our focus will be on providing customised solutions using the most effective types of technology in order to provide our clients with the most productive and cost-effective results while adhering to waste and health and safety regulations. We’ve built a reputation for offering exceptional service and professionalism since our inception, and we’re glad to report we’re still at the forefront of the waste management industry. We have a customer service pledge that ensures you are kept up to date on any concerns you report to us every 24 hours.

Commercial Waste Disposal Kimberly

From small local businesses in James Street or one of the businesses in the Victorian Shopping area, we can collect and dispose of your commercial waste without any hustles. We have a customer service pledge that ensures you are kept up to date on any concerns you report to us every 24 hours.

Keeping up with the current waste removal standards can be difficult for businesses and organisations that are dealing with a lot of pressing challenges like running their business. As a result, our clients highly respect our consulting services. Our waste management experts keep a close eye on pending legislation to ensure that, if a change affects our clients, they are aware of it and understand what, if any, modifications they will need to make as a result. Our heavy-duty vehicles and muscle power enable us to promptly remove any waste from your property following events or other commercial activities. Furthermore, our solutions are rapid, simple, and low-cost! Our waste disposal services include recycling, composting and incineration. Household waste recycling is available from:

Giltbrook Recycling Centre



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