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Nottingham Waste Recycling

Waste Nottingham is committed to the ecosystem and we constantly work to lessen our own and our customers’ and contractors’ environmental impact.

Our goal will be to help customers in maximising recycling and waste minimisation potential, viewing waste as a possibly useful resource. In addition, we recognise that operational tasks are going to have an effect to the ecosystem and are thus committed to:

*Complying with all environmental legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines relevant to services and actions so as to stop and where necessary control pollution
*Placing and frequently reviewing environmental objectives and goals.

Nottingham Waste actively reduces the environmental effect of waste disposal businesses.

We’re dedicated to doing everything in our capacity to minimise the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

Our ultimate goal will be to reach maximum recycling and zero landfill. By working closely with customers we’ll constantly make an effort to provide the most environmentally responsible waste management alternative, concurrently teaching customers as to best practice in environmentally sound waste management procedures. All our businesses were created to use resources as efficiently and effectively as possible, whilst we make every attempt to make sure that the environmental effect of our providers is at its lowest possible amount.

General waste
Waste Nottingham can accumulate and recycle general non hazardous waste in various manners from bags to wheelie bins through FEL and RORO containers. General waste is much the same to Combined Municipal waste or the waste collected from homes and for that reason has a sizable percentage of recyclable materials.

We accumulate waste from a broad range of commercial premises from corner stores to multi national organisations and plcs, with each customer receiving a committed and dependable service.

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